5 Reasons You'll Love Aventon eBikes

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There’s a reason why Bicycling Magazine, Forbes, and Outdoor Gear Lab, and thousands of customers give Aventon two thumbs up.

Delivering a smooth, tech-fueled, eco-friendly ride, there’s nowhere you can’t go with its eBikes.

#1 – 6 Different Models

Whether it’s commuting, off-road adventures, or cruising — Aventon has you covered. Offering styles with slim and fat tires, large and small frames, as well as folding designs, no road will ever be too rocky, a hill too tall, or office doors too narrow.

Equipped with a backlit color display, Aventon eBikes help you keep tabs on your speed, range, distance, and pedal assist level. Next-gen models can even charge your smartphone.

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#2 – Rides Like a Dream

Built with smart features like 4” fat tires and front suspension forks, Aventon eBikes were made to give you the smoothest ride imaginable.

They’re loved for how easy they are to handle — no matter if you’re tackling potholes, gravel, or the boardwalk.

#3 – Commute to & from Work on a Single Charge

Did you know the average round trip from home to work clocks in at 41 miles? With 45-miles of battery range, you won’t need to hog that one precious outlet in the office break room. Just hop on and go, no gas station stops required — unless it’s for a slushie.


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#4 – Cruise the Scene & Get Fit

Pedal when you want to, stop when you don’t, and keep moving. That’s the beauty of Aventon eBikes. Building up to top speeds of 28 mph (45 kph), head out for an adventure on the trail then swap on the motor for the ride home. With built-in lights, you’ll be seen any time of day.

#5 – Zero Emissions

Ditch the car and get some fresh air. Since Aventon eBikes run on rechargeable batteries, seeing the sights and getting to work no longer means you’re hurting the planet.


Get $200 in FREE accessories with eBike Purchase!

We love how Aventon, a specialty bike company, believes that cycling can be enjoyed regardless of age or ability.
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